Sergios Karagiannakos

Machine Learning Engineer,Software Engineer,Full-Stack Web Developer

About me

My name is Sergios and I am here to help you build your amazing product

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer who specialized in Machine Learning.

What is my primary goal...? To help you develop your AI product and increase your business value through Data Science.


Artificial Intelligence

Design and implement AI components and Machine Learning products

Full-Stack Web development

Build and Deploy Web and Mobile applications

Data Science

Data Science pipelines from data wrangling to prediction and data visualization

Computer Vision

Implement Computer Vision algorithms


Develop software for robotic applications and embedded systems

Parallel / GPU programming

Parallelize code to run on GPUs and multiple cores

Languages and tools
Python, R 95%
C/C++ , Javascript 75%
Tensorflow , Pytorch 85%
OpenCL, Cuda 80%
OpenCV 85%

" The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary "